Blunt Complete Prodigy X
Introducing the all-new 2023 version of the Prodigy X Series.Once again this year, the PRODIGY X scooter has been improved with high-quality professional components. This series has the most improvements and uses a new advanced deck technology, an improved griptape, a Z clamp, a Low Stack headset and new Sector wheels.Blunt's classic Prodigy X range is for intermediate to advanced riders looking to take their riding to the next level.The Prodigy X is the tenth series in the PRODIGY range, built on 9 generations and 12 years of complete pro-level scooters.Some of the classics of the Prodigy range have been retained: the lightweight Reaper V2 aluminium handlebars, the soft, durable TPR grips and our solid Diamond IHC fork.The rest of the scooter has been redesigned with some major improvements.For the X series, a completely new manufacturing process has been developed on the deck, the Extech extrusion. This extrusion has a lower profile, wider internal walls and a highly responsive concave. The head tube of the Prodigy X has also been redesigned, increasing contact with the deck, with a diamond cut and an aerodynamic profile. The Prodigy X deck is now wider than previous models, at 5 "L x 19.5" W. All these features combine to reduce overall weight and maintain strength.As well as the new deck, other parts have been improved.A grip tape with a increased grain count for greater grip and durability. New nylon plugs and nylon V2 brake system to match the new extrusion. A LOW stack headset compression cap, redesigned to integrate and streamline perfectly with our IHC compression system. A refined, oversized 'Z' 2-bolt clamp with 6mm bolts, which works perfectly with our bar, fork and compression system.All rolling on the SECTOR 120mm x 26mm PU wheels 86A with the increased PU width assist with core protection and smoother ride.The complete scooter has a reduced weight of 3.265kg/7.2 lbs.The Prodigy legacy continues to grow and can always be relied on for quality and performance.Available in 5 colours made up of durable, high-quality finishes.Technical Specifications :- Total Weight : 3.265kg/7.2 lbs - Foot Space : 345mm - Total Height : 865mm - Total Length : 690mm - Bar Height : 620mm - Bar width : 560mm inc bar ends - Deck Length : 19.5”/495mm - Deck Width : 5” - Clamp : Z Clamp Oversized 2 Bolt 6mm - Fork : Diamond IHC Fork - Compression : IHC - Headset : Low Stack Compression Cap - Grips : TPR 160mm - Headtube angle : 83.5° - Wheel Size : 120mm x 26mm PU widthTECHNISCHE DATENKomprimierung HIC Gesamthöhe 86.5 cm Gewicht 3.2 kg

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